How to Do a Dollars Only Cardex Adjustment

How to Do a Dollars Only Cardex Adjustment

Edward Gutkowski, Chief Architect - Rapid Reconciler

From time to time questions come up with regards to “repairing” Cardex extended amounts. When viewing the Item Ledger Inquiry screen in JDE, the item balances (units and amount) shown on the top of the screen should equal the sum of the transactions listed beneath. Just think if the balance in your checking account was not the sum of the deposits and withdrawals. TROUBLE! Cardex integrity errors can occur because of missing ‘IB’ transactions (problems during a cost roll), manual cost overrides or system glitches. Accurate reconciliations depend on the integrity of the underlying data. So how can we fix an amount problem in the cardex?

As it turns out, the process is much easier than you think. All you need to do is a simple ‘IA’ adjustment, with some know how. The screenshot below is the standard ‘IA’ screen, with only the Item Number and Extended Cost keyed in. You can also specify the branch, location and lot if necessary. Do NOT fill in the quantity or unit cost, just key in the total adjustment amount into the extended cost field. That’s it! Pretty simple … you can even set up a custom grid to display only the columns you need. The transaction will use the normal DMAAI’s to create the corresponding journal entry. Now your cardex is fixed!

One word of caution, however. If it is an average cost item, make sure the inventory adjustment program P4114 is set to NOT update the average cost. This is done in UDC 40/AV. If you don’t, the unit cost will be changed, and your effort will be in vain.
Now you have another tool in your belt for successful reconciliations.

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