JD Edwards and Mobile Apps

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Question: Oracle is releasing a lot of exciting mobile apps. What do I need to run them at my company?

Answer: There are several different mobile solutions available from Oracle. The Mobile Enterprise (AIS) solution for phones and tablets provides a number of mobile applications that are already built and ready to go. You can find these apps on iTunes and Google Play for tablets and smartphones.

To use the pre-developed AIS mobile applications you need a few things. Firstly, you must be on JDE apps 9.1 and TR or later. TR is strongly recommended because not all available apps work with You'll also need a WebLogic or WebSphere web server to which you install the AIS server instance. The AIS server instance is much like a normal HTML instance and installs via Server Manager. You'll also need a number of specific ESUs to round out the functionality. When you have your server set up you can then download the mobile apps directly to the tablets and smartphones in your organization. See Oracle doc 1637232.2 for more information on mobile apps including installation documentation and other resources.

Even though the Oracle-created mobile apps are only available on 9.1/, you can still use AIS on JDE release 9.0. The difference is you must create your own apps from scratch with the Mobile Application Development Kit. For customers wanting the advanced mobile functionality but not at the cost of a full upgrade, this is very exciting. See Oracle doc 1932603.1 for more information on the Mobile SDK.
One little gotcha – at the time of this writing, mobile apps do not work on iOS 8. Oracle is working on compatibility right now, but if you plan to use AIS apps you have to be on iOS 6 or 7.

Question: I heard there were mobile apps already developed for JDE application 9.0/TR 9.1.x?

Answer: The Mobile Smartphone applications (ADF) were the predecessor to AIS and can run on JDE 9.0/9.1 and TR 9.1.x. There are only five applications available for that platform and no further development is planned. This solution requires a Business Services Server (BSSV) on WebLogic or WebSphere and an ADF plugin if you're using WLS. The mobile apps can be found on iTunes and the Google Play Store.
See Oracle doc 1918668.1 and 1585904.1 for more information on ADF.

Question: Is there a way to just log in to my existing web servers from my mobile device?

Answer: Absolutely! There is a JDE EnterpriseOne app available from Oracle that you can download from iTunes and Google Play. Customers on TR 9.1.x can connect to their web servers using the application without any special configuration. You can use the existing OMW tools to create and modify JDE applications as required. If you don't want the app you can always use the iPad's Safari browser to connect to the HTML instance directly.

See Oracle doc 1681754.1 for information on the iPad app as well as the other technologies described above.

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