New GENIUS Monitors


Marc Fick, Senior Developer

Genius 1This month the GENIUS team is exploring not one, but two, new monitors that are available right now.
UBE monitoring and metrics have been a focal point in GENIUS over the past year. As we have added additional details on UBEs, new ideas and feature requests have been identified.

One request that has come up, is to provide the ability to monitor a particularly crucial job for failures or not finishing within a specified amount of time. The newly added UBE monitor allows us to configure time thresholds associated with a specific UBE job, and alert if those thresholds are exceeded. As with all monitors and thresholds, these alerts can be routed directly to client support teams or to your GSI support team for resolution.

The second monitor we recently added is for One View Reporting (OVR), to verify it is up and running and responding to requests. We monitor OVR by simulating an end user and periodically checking to see if access to OVR function is working correctly. There is a step by step process that tracks success or failure as well as step response time. When thresholds are exceeded or failures occur, your GSI support team is notified and investigation begins. Typically, the resolution is to restart the OVR instance. By tracking response time, we are also able to track historical views and identify trends that may indicate system load capacity or performance issues.

These new monitors are available today. If you are interested in having these added to your monitoring environment please reach out to your GSI Client Success Manager. As always, keep those great suggestions and feature requests coming in!