One View Reporting over EnterpriseOne

10295036 750259478338815 8199990115084435685 oChanon Dillard | Senior Manager - Enterprise Applications


What are the advantages of using One View Reporting over the standard reporting capabilities in EnterpriseOne?

One View Reporting offers the following over standard EnterpriseOne reporting:
One View Reporting offers Pre-built delivered content across several functional areas for quick ROI including:
o Project Costing
o Sales Order Mgmt.
o Capital Asset Mgmt.
o Service Mgmt.
o Real Estate Mgmt.
o Financials
o Manufacturing Mgmt.
o Inventory Mgmt.
o Procurement & Subcontract Mgmt.
o Payroll
o Human Resources
o Transportation Mgmt.
Business users no longer need to wait on IT for their real-time reporting and information; enhancing real-time decision making
Users can access real-time information with minimal training and no knowledge of coding
Decrease the cost of your reporting
Decrease the need for custom reporting, reducing your TCO
Eliminate the need for 3rd party reporting solutions
Display your reporting in color lists, charts and graphs for more professional presentation
Built in reporting management to keep reports organized by user or shared when needed
One View is real-time end user reporting. Putting the data in the hands of the business and allowing for a more pro-active business leadership.
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