How to Identify Applications Related to Task?

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What Applications are Associated to Others?

JD Edwards has so many Form and Row Exits. Ever wonder how to find out what programs are called in row exits or other programs in JDE? Well, you are not alone. If you are a proud user of ALL Out Security, it is time to tell you it goes beyond security and helps you to find these answers in a few easy steps.


Go to the ALL Out Main Menu

2. Click on MAINTAIN your SECURITY and MENUS

3. Select Maintain F00950/Finecut Menu Filtering (3WM)

4. Select *PUBLIC under the Roles

5. Select the Task View of the menu you wish to view

6. Select the "Exits" and "UBEs" boxes under Show Called Programs on the Right

7. Click BUILD

8. This will take a few minutes to populate. Notice that the system populates all applications and exit rows in the task view. You can narrow this down with the options in the top of the screen.

9. Now notice that under each task is a list of Exit Bars that identify the applications related to the task. Happy associating applications within JD Edwards!
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