Storing Historic Costs

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Love this time of year with so much to do, shovel the snow out of your driveway, put away the holiday lights, roll your costs...wait a minute?

With all of the fun that happens at the end of the year, is there a nice tip on how to store your historical cost in the "F4105" table?

Prior to updating costs for 2015, it is nice to be able to save the current cost in the same table. As luck would have it, the years are all falling into the 'user reserved' zone at least for the next 85 years. With that being said, it's simple enough to add a new cost method that can just store the cost for as long as you want to save it. I just added "14" for 2014 costs.

Run the "R41052" future cost update to load my current cost method "07" Standard Cost into the "14" Cost Method for historical 2014 cost.

Once this is run, it will load the "07" cost to "14" cost.

Report output and updated "F4105".

This can be kept for as long as you need it. As you update your 2015 standards; this history will remain until you remove it.

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