Time for Spring Cleaning - Purging Data

10972 798712000160229 7444080247745639832 nMark P. Andrzejewski, World Practice Lead

Well it's Spring, finally. That means it is time to take a quick look at your system for opportunities to do some cleaning. DreamWriters and in particular Dreamwriter recursive versions are always a great place to start. Many folks forget about the need to periodically clear out their recursive versions until they start to have issues. It is good practice to purge them out at least once if not twice a year. Along with that exercise, take the time to review just 10 DreamWriters a month. Look for stale ones, if you start with older ones left over from pre A9.x days you are generally pretty safe deleting them.

Don't forget about looking at WorldWriters and Menus for possible purging. WorldWriters, especially ones that were used one time, just to pull our update data can quickly add up. Again, if you just look at a couple of WorldWriter groups a month, the tasks aren't so daunting. Same with Menus; we all have old obsolete menus or menus that were created for a purpose that no longer exists.

Data, when is the last time you purged any of your data? P00PURGE is my favorite DreamWriter for assisting with purging data. P00PURGE is an effective way to keep a handle on your large transactional files. Just remember to save the data!!!! Accounting is always going to want access to the purged data two days after you actually purge...

Finally do a quick analysis of your system for tables with deleted records. You would be surprised how much space you can recapture by reorganizing the physical files and with the later releases of IBM I OS you can reorganize while active!!! Meaning no downtime to complete this critical task.

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