Using Microsoft Teams to Increase User Experience in ServiceNow

Using Microsoft Teams to Increase User Experience in ServiceNow

Jean Landmesser, Director of ServiceNow

To increase the user experience for contacting support, ServiceNow and Microsoft have partnered to seamlessly embed workflows in Microsoft Teams. This integration improves employee productivity and enables faster case resolution for agents.

Employees can now contact the service desk through a conversational experience with a live or Virtual Agent from within Microsoft Teams. Organizations can now:

  • Automatically resolve the most common IT requests and HR tasks
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions
  • Transfer complex issues to a live agent
  • Rapidly pull-in experts to resolve high-priority Incidents

Here is an example of a simple IT request for a password reset is requested through Teams and an automated reply with a password reset link is sent to the user.

The Microsoft Teams integration is available to ServiceNow customers who are using HR Service Delivery or IT Service Management. They can use a prebuilt integration with Microsoft Teams to do any of the following.
• Enable HR and IT service desk agents to reach out to employees directly in Microsoft Teams, resolve open tickets, and import messages directly into ServiceNow.
• Provide an embedded employee dashboard for employees to stay up to date on open ticket approvals, outages, and news.
• Employees can chat with a Virtual Agent to take action on a wide range of IT-related topics.
• Easily provide high-touch support when needed and interact with incident details directly in Microsoft Teams.
• For calls requiring higher-touch resolution, an agent can promote a Chat to a Microsoft Teams Call, directly from Agent Workspace. Requires - Notify Connector for Microsoft Teams (Store App) and Agent Chat (Plugin)

Users may have an HR-related request. In the example below, the user is requesting to reserve a conference room. Multiple dependent questions can be configured to walk the user through the reservation.

Perhaps the most convenient feature is for the user to view the employee dashboard which contains the status of their open requests.

If you would like a demonstration of the Microsoft Teams integration, please contact us at or if you would like any more information on GSI's ServiceNow services offerings please visit below.