What Nail Biting Has to do With JDE Invoice Processing

What Nail Biting Has to do With JDE Invoice Processing

Bad habits die hard. That is the reason people do lots of things that they know they should not do:

• Nail biting
• Playing with their hair
• Frequently saying “ummm” and “like”
• Snacking late at night
• Spitting
• Snapping chewing gum

While it may not be as annoying as cracking joints, manual JDE invoice processing could be on the list.

Accounts payable practitioners waste a lot of time each day keying data such as the vendor name, vendor identification number, product code, quantity, unit price, sales tax, and total invoice amount with JDE invoice processing.

Not only is it time-consuming for accounts payable staff to key invoice data into JD Edwards, it also is expensive and error prone. Yet many accounts payable departments continue to manually key invoice data.

All that keying is on top of the time that staff spend shuffling, filing, and retrieving paper invoices.

Manual invoice processing is clearly a habit that accounts payable departments should break.

Automated accounts payable solutions are available that combine intelligent data capture, digital workflow routing and connectors to legacy systems to eliminate manual invoice processing in JD Edwards.

Scanning eliminates paper from accounts payable business processes by aggregating invoices that arrive via any delivery channel (such as paper, e-mail, fax) and converting invoices to digital images that can be used to drive downstream processes. Intelligent data capture extracts and validates the data from invoices. Digital routing technology eliminates inter-office paper shuffling by automating the routing required for invoice approval and exceptions management. And connectors to legacy systems ensures that data is well-organized and available to downstream systems and processes.

If your organization is not currently using these technologies, then chances are good that you are falling behind your competitors. Best-in-class accounts payable departments are adopting these technologies as part of their automation efforts, Ardent partners finds. They are the table stakes.

While larger organizations are more likely to be using or planning to use intelligent data capture, digital routing, and connectors to legacy systems, many small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are using or evaluating the technology. These technologies are even popular in accounts payable departments with only one staffer. And departments across industries are using the technologies, including government organizations, which are keen on finding ways to eliminate inefficiencies with JDE Invoice Processing.

With the growing popularity of multi-function scanning devices, the ease with which documents can be turned into the PDF format, the adoption of financial shared services, and the growth in delivery of technology via the cloud, automated solutions are much more widely available than ever before.

Canon Information and Imaging Solutions helps organizations automate JDE invoice processing with solutions that combine intelligent data capture, digital routing, and connectors to legacy systems.

By automating their accounts payable processing, departments can refocus their staff on higher-value activities such as data analysis, supplier management and vendor master database cleanup.

That is the type of benefit that is worth changing your habits for.