What to Look for in a NetSuite Consulting Firm

    NetSuite has over 34,000 customers across 217 countries. Customers choosing NetSuite over other enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions make sense. With NetSuite, you get a full suite of business automation tools and the flexibility to customize the software to fit your needs.

    But are all 34,000 customers winning with NetSuite? Unfortunately, even with a tool as powerful and comprehensive as NetSuite, it can be easy to shortchange yourself and not maximize its potential.

    That's why many forward-thinking companies opt for a NetSuite consulting firm instead of going to NetSuite directly, where you may not get the one-on-one support you need. With a consulting firm, you get dedicated NetSuite experts that understand the intricacies of aligning this robust solution with your business needs.

    But that raises another challenge: How do you choose the right consulting firm?

    The Top 6 Things to Look for in a NetSuite Consulting Partner

    A NetSuite consulting firm should be dedicated to getting your NetSuite implementation right for your business, no matter how often they have to help with technical issues. Your partner should also make you feel confident that you're getting the most out of this flexible solution.

    Here's what to look for:

    1. Expertise and Experience

    There's no substitute for experience. With an experienced partner, you get a team that has seen and handled many implementations across various industries. Expertise is a rare commodity because it only comes as a result of the following:

    • NetSuite certifications
    • Industry-specific knowledge
    • Knowledge and experience in addressing various challenges

    A consulting firm with an experienced team of experts also has a track record of success. As legendary football coach Vince Lombardi said, "Winning is a habit." A long list of successful implementations speaks well of your consulting partner.

    2. Range of Services

    A consulting partner offering a wide range of services opens the door to more possibilities in your implementation. For example, a consulting service that works primarily with NetSuite's financial tools can only do so much. But a partner that's also experienced with NetSuite's logistics capabilities can set up automation between your financial accounts and fulfillment system.

    3. Client References

    Client references give you more than just a testimonial. You can reach out and ask questions such as:

    • How did the consulting firm handle challenges when they arose?
    • Is their pricing transparent?
    • When you had to scale up, how could they manage?

    The answers to these and similar questions can give you a more well-rounded picture of the firm you're considering.

    4. Scalability to Enable Future Growth

    For many businesses, scaling is simply the next step. Therefore, you need a consulting partner that can articulate a tangible scaling plan from the get-go. Their scaling strategy should take into account the following:

    • Your long-term financial and growth goals
    • Your budgetary constraints
    • Technological limitations
    • Future tech acquisitions, such as new equipment or software

    5. Cost and Value

    Cost and value aren't synonymous. Value connotes ROI, while cost is a fixed number. Your NetSuite consulting firm should provide value at a reasonable cost.
    When assessing value, be ready to quantify—at least in ballpark figures—the financial benefits of the partnership. For example, if your consulting firm can set up a system that automatically identifies less expensive shipping methods, saving you 15% annually, this is a good number to consider. If your shipping costs are typically $100,000, your partnership with the consultant—when it comes to shipping alone—has a value of $15,000.

    6. Support and Maintenance

    The right NetSuite consulting firm won't just sell you its services, facilitate implementation, and leave you with a pat on the back. Instead, they'll check in periodically to see how your system works and always be there if you need assistance. Also, a good consulting partner occasionally circles back with new ideas in case you need an extra NetSuite-powered efficiency boost.

    The GSI Difference

    GSI is different from other NetSuite partners because it's a complete, one-stop shop for all your NetSuite needs. You get a broad range of services compared to other providers, who may only focus on implementation or licensing.

    Also, GSI can work with you at any phase of your implementation—whether you're just now switching to NetSuite or have been running NetSuite for years. The team gets to know your business and its challenges, regardless of how—or if—you're using NetSuite, then works to get the implementation or optimization right.

    GSI's business model is tied to client success. For example, GSI can help you with discounts on either the licensing or implementation side to match budgetary constraints. GSI can get you the best possible price quote if licensing is costly. In this way, each client can succeed without going over budget.

    Winning with the Right NetSuite Consulting Partner

    If you have to choose between experience, industry expertise, and the size of your consulting partner, expertise should always come first. And here's where GSI differentiates itself from the competition: GSI has all three. Our teams are skilled in various industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, real estate, health sciences, software, retail, and marketing.

    Contact GSI today to see how our team of expert NetSuite consultants can help you maximize your investment.