Which NetSuite eCommerce Solution Is Right For Your Business?

    The global eCommerce market is projected to rise to $6.15 trillion in 2023. Positioning your organization to maximize its eCommerce success involves having a solution that is both affordable and flexible. At the same time, there are tons of eCommerce choices on the market, all promising to deliver a customer interaction and payment experience that benefits your bottom line. NetSuite, on the other hand, is an ERP specifically built for business, and its eCommerce solutions offer a comprehensive range of options, making NetSuite a one-stop-shop for anyone doing business online. But, which NetSuite solution is right for your business? Here, we dig into the details of each NetSuite ecommerce platform, so you can pinpoint which one best fits your needs.


    SuiteCommerce provides users with a centralized system that unifies all aspects of your online sales, instead of separating each element into different silos. The backbone of SuiteCommerce is built around developing a central repository for order, customer, and inventory data, bringing them under one umbrella.  

    As a result, you get unprecedented visibility across the entire landscape of your business. This data is delivered in real-time, so you have an accurate picture of how your business machine is functioning at any given moment.

    SuiteCommerce also gives your organization support for both B2B and B2C ecommerce activity. In this way, you eliminate the need to get two separate solutions for each group of clients. This also means that, regardless of whether your focus is on B2B, B2C, or a combination of both, you can take advantage of customizable automation that saves you valuable time, putting you in a position to better utilize your human resources.

    SuiteCommerce is also optimized for a mobile experience, making it easy for customers to engage with your products no matter where they are. Another feature that adds to SuiteCommerce’s convenience is it features a broad selection of enhancements and customization tools that you can use without the need for coding skills. This enables you to make adjustments to your NetSuite ecommerce solution on your own, quickly, and less expensively.

    SuiteCommerce Advanced

    SiuteCommerce Advanced gives you all the features of SuiteCommerce with the added capability of providing code-level access to developers. This provides you with the added option of having your in-house or contracted developer dig into the actual coding of each feature and make changes that even further customize the solution to your needs.

    With SuiteCommerce Advanced, you don’t lose any of the ease-of-use elements of regular SuiteCommerce, however. You simply get additional customization options. While there are no true downsides to this option, for some organizations, it may be best to get guidance from an experienced NetSuite ecommerce professional before choosing Advanced over the regular version. There’s a good chance you don’t need to make the kinds of granular changes SuiteCommerce Advanced enables. GSI’s NetSuite experts can walk you through SuiteCommerce, so you can see if it meets your needs as-is.


    NetSuite’s SiteBuilder gives you a fully-functional web store you can customize any way you’d like. With this tool, you have a cloud-based solution that gives you full access to not just the ins and outs of selling to customers, but also the ability to determine the lifetime value of individual customers, and make decisions regarding your products and ecommerce solution that helps boost the ROI of each person you serve.

    SiteBuilder does this by automatically incorporating key metrics that help determine the revenue associated with each customer. At the same time, you get all of the features that make it easier for customers to move smoothly through the purchasing process, such as:

    • Multiple payment options
    • A customer support portal, so you can answer their questions at different points in the buying process
    • The ability for customers to manage different credit cards they use to execute payments
    • Profile management options that allow customers to easily adjust their profile details

    At the same time, SiteBuilder gives your organization the ability to adjust specific aspects of the ecommerce experience, such as shopping management and different checkout flows, so you can make the process more efficient for all parties.

    SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce

    SuiteSuccess is a tool that works in conjunction with SuiteCommerce, making it far faster and easier to get your solution up and running. With SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce, your organization benefits from thousands of successful ecommerce implementations that have proven effective for other, similar organizations. In this way, instead of manually working through integrating your different systems, you have a streamlined way to click and drag your way to a solution that fits your business model.

    In addition, you get a list of modules that enhance the end-user experience, such as:

    • Infinite scroll, which puts all search results on the same page
    • Product comparisons
    • Notifications for when products are back-in-stock, so customers know when something they were looking for is once again available
    • Guest orders, so users don’t have to take the time to set up an account before ordering
    • Gift certificate implementations, giving users the ability to check how much they have left on their gift certificate
    • Item badges, that show you the status of specific items, such as whether they’re on sale, a best seller, new, or used.

    GSI: Your NetSuite eCommerce Guide

    With GSI, your NetSuite eCommerce journey is both simplified and faster because GSI’s NetSuite experts have the knowledge and experience to guide you, step-by-step, through choosing the best solution for your needs. While any of these tools can benefit your eCommerce workflows and customer experiences, you can pinpoint which provides the best fit with help from GSI’s NetSuite professionals. Further, with NetSuite by GSI, you can have core elements of your solution taken care of for you, freeing you up to focus on other business goals. To learn more about implementing NetSuite, reach out to GSI today.