ON DEMAND Webcast: Steer Clear of the Next Log4J Catastrophe

    The Log4j vulnerability, which emerged in late 2021, still poses a significant threat to organizations. Hackers can exploit it to remotely execute malicious code, resulting in unauthorized access, data breaches, and system compromise. GSI's webcast August 2 webcast provided valuable insights on safeguarding your software development process and avoiding the pitfalls of the Log4j disaster, including risks to finances, reputation, and compliance.

    GSI's Director of Integrations, Steve Kassay, explained a specific approach to ensure security across all development channels, including:

    • A comprehensive and secure SDLC approach that mitigates risks and enhances overall security
    • The importance of secure coding practices, code reviews, and automated security testing to identify vulnerabilities
    • How a development team should conduct continuous testing and analysis

    Veracode, a software development security firm, demonstrated how its platform can reduce both first-party and third-party risks, as well as share best practices for incorporating testing into the SDLC.

    Finally, the webcast ended with a 10-minute live Q&A session to address any questions attendees have for the presenters. The entire webcast is available for free by playing the video above

    If you're involved in cybersecurity, application modernization, or the software development lifecycle in any way reach out the cybersecurity team by filling out the form below!

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