Cybersecurity Webcast: 7 Challenges a vCISO Can Help Your Company Address

    ON DEMAND WEBCAST: Cybersecurity veterans reveal the "Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) concept in this 40-minute webcast. 

    In an era of ever-evolving digital threats, safeguarding your organization's data and assets is paramount. As a result, the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) has emerged as a pivotal leader who can fortify a company’s cybersecurity posture without the traditional burdens of long-term costs and commitment.

    During the Webcast John Bassett, GSI CISO and Brian Liceaga, President at Nitra Security, explore seven imperatives of a vCISO in a round-robin conversational format:

    1. Prohibitive Costs: Overcoming the financial strain of hiring a full-time CISO.

    2. Lack of Expertise/Limited Resources: Accessing specialized resources when you lack in-house capabilities.

    3. Navigating Complexity: Addressing multifaceted cybersecurity challenges with strategic guidance.

    4. On-Demand Workload Needs: Meeting short-term and long-term workload surges while handling CISO transitions seamlessly.

    5. Confidence in Compliance: Streamlining compliance and regulatory adherence with a vCISO's oversight.

    6. C-Suite Serenade: Enabling seamless communication between IT and C-suite and fostering executive buy-in.

    7. Strategic / Top-level Problem Solving: Leveraging top-level strategic skills to tackle immediate issues and present challenges to the board.
    More information about our presenters:
    • John Bassett, GSI’s Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer, brings over 25 years of CISO, CTO, software engineering, and ERP technology expertise, making him a seasoned cybersecurity and IT veteran.
    • Brian Liceaga, President at Nitra Security, offers a diverse and comprehensive cybersecurity strategy experience, helping clients prioritize and mitigate enterprise risks.

    Whether you're an IT professional or a business leader (CISO, CIO, CTO, CFO), this webcast is tailored to elevate your understanding of the immense value a vCISO can bring to your organization. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to master the art of cybersecurity preparedness.

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