Cybersecurity Webcast: The Evolution of Endpoint Protection

    In an era where digital security is paramount, endpoint protection stands at the forefront of organizational priorities.

    A new webcast presented by GSI and ThreatLocker presents attendees the opportunity to trace the evolution of endpoint security from basic antivirus (AV) tools to sophisticated endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems. With the escalating complexity of cyber threats, the need for an innovative security strategy is evident, introducing the "Zero Trust" paradigm.

    Zero Trust is more than just a cybersecurity term, it signifies a profound change in digital defense, emphasizing a "verify first, trust later" approach, ensuring every access request is rigorously assessed, regardless of its source.

    During this webcast, we’ll dive into the world of Zero Trust, demonstrating tools such as Allowlisting, Ringfencing, Storage Control, Network Management, and Elevation Control and the value each bring. By limiting unwarranted access, Zero Trust effectively reduces vulnerabilities, minimizing opportunities for cyber attackers.

    Click the video above to discover the essence of Zero Trust and understand its central position in modern-day cybersecurity. Equip yourself with the knowledge to fortify your organization's endpoints against the multifaceted cyber threats.

    - Oliver Plante, ThreatLocker Senior Solution Engineer, Endpoint Cybersecurity and Zero Trust
    - William Craig, GSI Senior Solutions Director -  Cybersecurity/Partner Management

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