Cybersecurity Webcast: Top 10 Essential JD Edwards Security Measures (ON DEMAND)

Get ready to dive into the always-evolving world of JD Edwards security with industry experts Pradip Pandey, a Senior Software Architect at Oracle JD Edwards, and John Bassett, the CISO & CTO at GSI.

By the end of this broadcast you will have been briefed with up-to-date information and an in-depth exploration of the intricate details of securing JD Edwards with today's attack vectors.

GSI and Oracle created this webcast to equip you with essential knowledge on the latest and most effective security measures and practices.

Discover new strategies on how to implement these foundational cybersecurity measures:

  1. Unified Identity and Access Solutions
  2. Email Security / Endpoint Protection
  3. JD Edwards Patches/Updates
  4. Backups
  5. Encryption
  6. Comprehensive DNS/Web Gateway Protection
  7. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  8. Security Questions for Cloud Providers, ISPs, integrators, etc.
  9. New JD Edwards Security Features & Roadmap
  10. Cloud Adoption Framework/Zero Trust

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