JDE Webcast: The Current BI and Analytics Landscape for JDE Customers (on-demand)

    In the ever-accelerating world of business intelligence, missing the train on the latest tools isn't just a misstep—it's a competitive disadvantage.

    The transition from "Legacy Reporting" to "Modern BI" has been swift, and at the heart of this revolution stands Power BI, which is not merely an option but a necessity in today's dynamic business environment.

    With a whopping 97% of Fortune 500 companies already harnessing Power BI's capabilities, can you afford to be the exception? The question isn’t just why so many giants trust Power BI, but can you risk being left in the dust?

    Click above to play the video and you'll discover:

    • BI Evolution Crisis: How did we swiftly move from Legacy Reporting to the imperative era of Modern BI?
    • JD Edwards ERP & Power BI: Grasp the crucial partnership between Power BI and JD Edwards, an ERP titan. Don’t let your system be the weak link.
    • Three Critical Power BI Approaches: Unlock the three game-changing methods to integrate Power BI, and learn why choosing the wrong one could be costly.
    • See It To Believe It: A riveting live demonstration of building reports with Power BI using JD Edwards data. Witness what you might be missing.
    • Excel’s New Best Friend: If you're an Excel aficionado, you're in for a treat. Experience firsthand how Power BI is revolutionizing spreadsheet creation and governance.

    The future of business intelligence is here, and it’s evolving faster than ever. Watch this urgent webcast recording and make sure you're riding the wave, not chasing it. The clock is ticking.

    This is a recording of a 11/14/2023 webcast.

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