Navigating the New SEC Cybersecurity Rules - A Must-Watch for Every Business

Recent SEC filings reveal a harsh reality; cyberattacks like those on Clorox, MGM, and Caesars, resulting in losses amounting to hundreds of millions, are a growing threat. In a decisive response, the SEC has implemented strict cybersecurity regulations for publicly traded companies starting on 12/15/23. This move underscores their seriousness, as highlighted by the recent SEC's recent charges against SolarWinds and its Chief InformNavigating SEC Cyber_LAND_01ation Security Officer (CISO), accusing them of misleading investors about their cybersecurity practices and the risks entailed, especially during the time leading up to the public revelation of a significant cyberattack.

These new SEC rules include:

  • Rapid disclosure of significant cyber incidents
  • Detailed annual reporting on cybersecurity risk management.
  • Extended impact on third-party software and supply chain companies.

2nd iamgeOur webcast is an essential guide to understanding and complying with these new regulations. We'll cover specific steps you can take to protect your business including:

  • Integrating cyber-risk management into corporate governance.
  • The importance of continuous training and testing in cybersecurity.
  • Building robust cyber-resilience and response strategies.
  • Shifting to a proactive stance on cyber threats for business and supply chain planning.
  • Extending cyber policies to third-party vendors.
  • Developing comprehensive cyber strategies, including risk assessments and recovery plans.

This session is crucial for anyone in the corporate sphere looking to safeguard their company in this new era of heightened cybersecurity awareness. Join us to stay ahead in managing your cyber risks effectively.

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