The Digital Battleground: Confronting Phishing and Social Engineering Challenges in 2023 and Beyond (ON Demand Webcast)


    As the digital frontier expands, so do the cunning strategies of cyber adversaries. In 2023, the digital realm witnessed an upsurge in intricate phishing endeavors and manipulative social engineering tactics, leaving individuals and enterprises more exposed than ever.

    Click above to play video from this 10/11/23 webcast. During the webcast, presenters from Knowb4 and GSI discussed:

    • Identifying the Prime Targets: Explore which industries find themselves in the crosshairs of cyberattacks the most.
    • Tales from the Trenches: Hear compelling stories about the latest phishing and social engineering strategies and the psychological tricks cyber miscreants deploy.
    • Peering into the Future: Uncover the emerging perils of AI-fueled phishing and the disruptive power of Deep Fakes, blurring the lines of truth.
    • Discover KnowBe4: Get acquainted with KnowBe4, your trusted partner in the world of cybersecurity
    • 10-Minute Interactive Q&A: Your opportunity to raise questions, gain deeper insights, and solidify your understanding. 

    Viewers and webcast participants unlocked:

    • An exclusive opportunity to undertake a Free Phishing Test to gauge your current digital safety measures.
    • Access to our Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resource Kit — your toolkit to build a formidable cyber defense.

    In an era where reality is constantly challenged by digital deception, arm yourself with the expertise to identify genuine interactions from malicious ones.

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