Cybersecurity - Are You Vulnerable?

    Cybersecurity - Are You Vulnerable?

    Here at GSI we have some exciting news to share with you!  We have partnered with BITSIGHT to offer our clients a way to view and address your cyber security risks.

    BITSIGHT offers a security rating platform that will allow you to identify where you are in jeopardy of being hacked, which could lead to unplanned outages, data breaches, or a variety of other malicious activity.

    Some of the benefits of this cyber security assessment through BITSIGHT include:

    • Vulnerability rating service, security rating platform
    • Useful for finding holes in your company’s online/internet presence where security is compromised
    • Ability to constantly view security profile
      • This is not isolated to a one-time report, but an interactive portal for your company to view progress and ratings as you address identified concerns
    • Provides suggestions and recommendations for remediation of problems identified
    • Mechanism to report on NIST and ISO 27001 compliance
      • This will need to be validated with insurance carriers that you are performing proper due diligence to be in compliance with current cyber security standards

    Best of all, for the next six months, we can offer this at no cost to you!

    For now, if you are interested in engaging GSI for this service, reach out to me, your CSM, or your AE.

    In the near future, GSI clients will be able to make a request for this service in our Service Portal.

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