Cybersecurity Update: 3 Ways to Thwart a Hypervisor Attack

    The VMware hypervisor vulnerability poses a significant threat by allowing attackers to exploit weaknesses in the hypervisor layer, gaining unauthorized access to virtualized environments.

    In this video, GSI Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) John Bassett, takes a look at how this vulnerability and how it jeopardizes data integrity, confidentiality, and network security.

    John then lays out a three-part strategy to thwart potential attacks:

    1. Maintain up-to-date software and promptly apply security patches.
    2. Enforce strong access controls with least privilege principles, minimizing attack vectors. 
    3. Implement robust network segmentation to limit lateral movement of attackers within the virtual environment.

    Addressing these measures is critical to safeguard against this vulnerability and prevent substantial breaches. If you're concerned about this vulnerability in your system, contact us to receive a free consultation of your expoure by contacting William Craig at