Manufacturing: What’s New in NetSuite 2021.2

    With critical shortages of products and parts, backlog at ports, and labor shortages threatening the supply chain, how can manufacturers access the right information to optimize their operations? For this month, we will highlight some of the major enhancements in NetSuite 2021.2 for Manufacturing. NetSuite 2021.2 will be available on a rolling basis from July through October 2021 for customers. Also, you can check your Netsuite dashboard and the release portal to learn about your upgrade date, preview new features, and more.

    Now, let’s explore these enhancements in more detail.


    Planning Workbench Flexibility

    With this change to the Supply Planning Workbench, planning results can now be displayed daily, weekly, or monthly, allowing planners to shift strategies flexibly. They can also exclude previously rejected recommendations to reduce confusion in forecasting and determine how far to look back in the planning engine for past due forecasts.

    Supply Planning Upgrade Guide

    The Supply Planning Upgrade Guide allows administrators to upgrade in order to enable new Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Master Production Schedule (MPS)capabilities for Supply Planning accounts.

    Prioritize Inventory Allocation

    With this enhancement, users can now map and prioritize inventory allocation to sales orders, using revenue or gross profit. They can also more accurately promise items with a new enhancement that gives the earliest date an item will be in stock as well as available at a location. The earliest available date feature takes into consideration lead times, allocation strategies, and sales channel allocations/reservations. Also, users have better insight into how changes impact allocations on other transactions when reallocating orders.


    Automatic Lot Number Generation

    With this change, lot numbers can be generated automatically and custom lots fields can be created for additional details such as supplier lot number and manufacture date.

    Mobile App Support for Serial Tracked Items

    With this update, the mobile app now supports serial tracked items that can be manually entered or scanned.

    Quick Ship Pallet

    Using a handheld device, warehouse workers can now use the new quick ship pallet functionality in NetSuite WMS and Pack Station, allowing them to add cartons or subtract cartons from a pallet giving them more flexibility to ship multiple orders going to the same place as well as optimize shipping costs.

    Tally Scan Functionality

    Tally scan functionality for inbound processing has been enhanced to increase the efficiency and accuracy of inbound operations.

    Smart Financials/Operational Automation

    Future Transactions

    With this change in 2021.2 in the accounting preference section, manufacturers can choose to make changes to Cost of Goods or asset accounts for future transactions only, keeping the integrity of past transactions.

    Automatic Consolidation of Purchase Requisitions Across Subsidiaries

    With this enhancement, items can be received at the correct subsidiary regardless of who placed the order or created the requisition. It also consolidates purchase requestions across subsidiaries, as well as purchasing and billing. The change also cross charges receipts and payments across entities, balancing intercompany accounts and ledgers.

    Link to Online Payment Portal on Invoice

    In 2021.2, you can now email invoices that have a link to the online payment portal, where they can view and pay invoices via credit/debit cards or another online payment method. They also have the ability to partial pay based on how you set your rules. NetSuite will record the payment automatically.

    Netsuite Podcast on 2021.2

    Check out the following Netsuite podcast on the latest release and dive into move details. 

    In future blog posts, we will cover the new features in 2021.2 for Professional Services, Software, Nonprofit and more. Also, please check out our SaaS Managed Services Guide blog post. For more details on NetSuite 2021.2 for Manufacturing, please visit Netsuite Sneak Peek.

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