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How to Reap the Benefits of ServiceNow Without the Full Price Tag


How to Reap the Benefits of ServiceNow Without the Full Price Tag

ServiceNow Benefits

A full-scale implementation of ServiceNow can cost over $200,000. For lean organizations looking to limit expenses, a full implementation of ServiceNow may not fit within budget constraints, especially if they have relatively few employees. So how can you take advantage of the benefits of ServiceNow’s features while limiting initial expenditures and controlling the total cost of ownership (TCO)?

GatewayNow by GSI allows you to deploy ServiceNow’s full suite of ITSM tools—starting with as little as five licenses. A lean organization can take advantage of the same ServiceNow tools as a large enterprise at a fraction of the TCO.

How GatewayNow Benefits Smaller Organizations

With GatewayNow, you can save money upfront, scale up at your own pace, shrink your time-to-value, and more. Here are a few of the top benefits of GatewayNow.

1. Save Up to $175,000 on ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s ITSM tools, while capable of benefitting huge enterprises, can be just as valuable for a small company, but the initial price tag may put it out of reach. Further, it can be hard to justify a $200,000 expenditure on an ITSM solution if you only have a few employees. With GatewayNow, you get the full suite of ServiceNow’s ITSM tools while saving up to $175,000 on your initial cost of ownership (ICO).

2. Start Small and Scale-Up

Because GatewayNow allows you to start with only five licenses, you can deploy ServiceNow with a handful of users. Then, as your company grows, you can gradually add more licenses as new employees come on board. In addition, if your organization outgrows a managed environment, you can easily migrate to a dedicated ServiceNow instance. The advantage of this approach is investing in the platform that you want in the long term instead of relying on an interim solution until you have the funding or demand for the ServiceNow suite of products.

3. Decrease Your ServiceNow Time-to-Value by 90%

GatewayNow gets you up and running with all of ServiceNow’s ITSM features in as few as three weeks—as opposed to the 25 weeks a normal ServiceNow rollout can consume. This means that in as little as three weeks, you have full access to ServiceNow’s:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Level Management

4. Get Guidance from Experienced ServiceNow Professionals

With the typical ServiceNow onboarding process, getting up to speed with all of its ITSM features can take around six months. With GatewayNow, onboarding can be completed in just a few weeks because you’re guided, step by step, through the process. Using a combination of ITIL and industry best practices, GSI's experienced professionals have seen thousands of ITSM implementations and know the best ways to bring customers on to their own domain-separated, preconfigured environment. 

5. Use GSI’s AppCare Like Your Own In-House Admin

GSI’s extensive experience with ServiceNow can be used to your advantage when you use GatewayNow. With AppCare, you get full support for ServiceNow’s ITSM features, as well as with any ServiceNow administration challenges. By relying on our expertise for upgrades and enhancements, you can avoid common administration headaches caused by lack of experience, employee turnover, and the need for continued training and certification.

How GatewayNow Can Give Your Organization an Edge with the Benefits of ServiceNow

With GatewayNow, you get all that ServiceNow has to offer but in a smaller, less expensive package.

GatewayNow ServiceNow


For Small IT Teams

Suppose you have a small but effective IT support team consisting of seven people. Three of them work remotely, and the workload is fairly well-balanced. You have been looking for an ITSM solution for a couple of years, but the smaller-scale options haven’t had all the features you need. Even though the company is growing steadily, it’s unlikely it will expand to a size that justifies a regular ServiceNow subscription anytime soon.

With GatewayNow, there's no need to wait. You can deploy preconfigured ServiceNow tools to handle your ITSM issues immediately and be up and running in as little as three weeks.

Take Advantage of ServiceNow’s Complete Suite of Features

There’s often little correlation between the size of a company and the size of its needs. Smaller companies have challenges as pressing as those of bigger organizations. With GatewayNow, you get a fully managed, domain-separated ServiceNow instance, complete with all of ServiceNow’s ITSM features. For example, you can:

  • Keep track of all tickets assigned to individual IT staff on a single screen. In this way, you can know what’s on the team’s plate at any given time without having to check in with individual teammates.
  • Track the number of issues that haven’t yet been resolved. Because you can see what’s outstanding at any given moment, you can decide if and when it’s time to huddle up and combine efforts on pressing issues.
  • See how many tickets still need to be delegated to your staff. This gives you the ability to ensure problems are being addressed continually and that you’re getting the most output from your team.
  • See the number of issues in breach of client Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Tracking the status of overdue requests can be a powerful performance assessment tool and a good metric to share with team members.
  • Track data regarding resolved and unresolved problems to compare performance weekly, month over month, or by quarter.

GatewayNow Gives Lean Organizations a Full ServiceNow ITSM Solution


With GatewayNow, you get a combination of all of ServiceNow’s features and the years of ServiceNow expertise that come with GSI’s solution. This way, the barriers to ServiceNow ownership, deployment, and maintenance can come down in a matter of a few weeks. To learn more about how GSI can help with ServiceNow, reach out to an expert today.

Learn more about GSI

GSI, Inc. specializes in providing a broad spectrum of business, functional, and technical consulting services for ServiceNow, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle NetSuite, Oracle Cloud, BMC, HubSpot, Salesforce, and other enterprise applications. We also offer an extensive array of cloud/hosting solutions for Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and private cloud.

GSI combines its deep application and industry experience with advanced A.I. and automation to deliver cutting-edge intelligence. This advanced intelligence, combined with our outstanding people, allows GSI to deliver Service Excellence every single day.

GSI’s comprehensive suite of solutions includes AppCare, a 24/7 managed service; GatewayNow, an affordable, fully managed instance of ServiceNow ITSM; GENIUS AI, an Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) for creating application health and user experience monitors; GENISYS, a solution for modeling, measuring and maximizing system performance; gShield, a comprehensive security solution; RapidApproval®, a Salesforce AppExchange solution for streamlining the approval request process; RapidReconciler®, its inventory reconciliation software, and JDE Cloud9, a complete cloud-based hosted service. GSI consulting services are backed by its signature 100 percent guarantee. Founded in 2004, the rapidly growing company is headquartered in Atlanta with locations nationwide. GSI, Inc. has been named to Inc. Magazine’s Inc.5000 list of fastest-growing companies for two consecutive years.

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