Managed Services for ServiceNow

Managed Services for ServiceNow

Jean Landmesser, Director of ITSM


When should I use Managed Services for ServiceNow?


We see a cycle that repeats itself, when our clients implement ServiceNow.  We usually start with a subset of IT Service Management (ITSM) products like Service Desk, Service Level Agreements and Service Catalog. Once that phase is live and they move on to another set of features, like Asset Management, CMDB and Change Management, they are faced with the task of juggling administration and enhancement requests for the newly live products at the same time they are trying to implement the phase 2 products.

In addition, ServiceNow deployments are so well adopted by our clients that the demand for new modules outside ITSM or accommodating more departments within the organization is high and the opportunity is there to really leverage the platform to help the business become proactive.  When the internal subject matter experts must focus on administration and lower level enhancement requests, it takes away from more strategic objectives that solve business needs.  Outsourcing these daily care-and-feeding tasks to a managed services provider can enable internal staff to address more strategic requirements without the need to “keep the lights on” as it were.

In the ServiceNow world, managed services offerings typically cover the following:

  • Hand-off the day to day maintenance of ServiceNow
  • Internal staff can focus on serving the business needs by targeting new areas of improvement and automation
  • Utilize a team of experienced resources to meet any level of service from light administration to advanced development, and use those higher skill sets only when needed
  • Mitigate the risk of employee turnover and the cost of training and certification

When considering a managed service provider for ServiceNow, or other ITSM tools, keep the following concepts in mind.

Standard Administration includes the typical things you would expect an inexperienced administrator to be able to perform. Here you will find activities that are low risk and low impact.

Advanced Administration includes things you would expect an experienced administrator to be able to perform. Here you will find activities that are medium risk and medium impact.

Standard Development involved things you would expect a developer (who is typically an experienced admin) to be able to perform. Here you fill find activities that are high risk and high impact.

Advanced Development is a top-level resource, whom you would expect to have experienced developer skills. Here you will find activities with the highest risk and impact and thus require the most knowledge and experience of the platform due the various technologies that interface with it.

When you look to outsource some or all of your ITSM administration and development needs, make sure to take some time to identify the current administration, and medium long-term goals for your ITSM environment. You can then determine what you will have your own staff working on, and what the managed service provider will handle.  Having those clear delineations in responsibilities is key to a successful outsourcing relationship.

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