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Remote Workforce Services

Remote Workforce Consulting Services

Remote Workforce ConsultingFor many companies, a remote workforce is not a very common model. Worse, there is minimal information on how to rapidly deploy a remote team.  GSI’s staff has worked remotely for 15+ years and knows there is a significant amount of planning and setup required to make this work right. In fact, GSI provides much of its core managed services business through a remote model, where it monitors and supports the mission critical applications of their clients.

With GSI’s extensive experience deploying and supporting remote workforces, let GSI be your sounding board to learn how to rapidly deploy your workforce to work remotely as well as best practices. GSI can help you every step of the way with services including:

Planning: Determine Remote Workforce Plan

Tool Requirements: Determine and make available software tools required by users to work remotely.

Best Practices: provide best practice recommendations on technology solutions

    • Applications
    • Communication Tools
    • Hardware Requirements
    • Security - endpoint protection, virus protection, 2FA, etc.
    • VPN’s
    • Bandwidth

Support: How to enable support team to support a remote workforce

Updates: How to rapidly deploy software/updates/patches to users

Assets: How to manage remote assets

Documentation: provide documentation for remote access procedures

Implementations Services: provides services to roll-out solution

Ongoing Support: provide post live and ongoing support

Give GSI a call today to setup a free 1-hour consultation.