How to Create Notifications in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

EnterpriseOne Notifications Overview

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Notifications enables business analysts to setup E1 to send proactive notifications of business events to users, greatly improving their business efficiency and effectiveness. These notifications can be received by users via email, text, or directly in EnterpriseOne via pop up messages, notification list, work center, Message Center or My Worklist page.

In EnterpriseOne, users can subscribe to the notifications that they wish to receive, based on what is pertinent to their job function.  When a business analyst designs a notification, they decide what business information to provide to the user and then schedule how often to execute the notification. The notification can provide a shortcut to a screen, where the user can take action in EnterpriseOne.

Notification Types and Examples

There are three types of notifications:

  1. Simple Notifications – Sends reminders to users, which can include a shortcut link in E1. A simple notification is not tied to any business event in EnterpriseOne.
    • Creating a Simple Notification (Oracle Video) - This example shows you how to create a weekly time entry reminder notification for every Monday morning. The notification includes a shortcut to Time Entry Self Service Director application.
  1. Watchlist Notifications – Using existing Watchlists in EnterpriseOne, you can design notifications based on thresholds, counts, etc. reached and include E1 application shortcuts in the notification.
    • Creating a Notification Based on a Watchlist (Oracle Video) - This example uses an existing watchlist that identifies General Ledger batches in error.  A notification is setup to notify users when a General Ledger batch is in error and provides an application shortcut in the notification to the Works with Batches Application.
  1. Orchestration Notifications – Enables you to setup notifications based on data provided to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator. These include alerting users of a required activity, alerting users of watchlists thresholds exceeded, or broadcasting informational messages. For example, if a machine’s temperature threshold is exceeded, an IoT sensor can send data to JD Edwards via Orchestrator, which in turn updates the system as well as sends a notification to the appropriate user for quick action.
    • Creating a Notification Based on an Orchestration (Oracle Video) - In this example, a user is notified weekly when a customer is on credit hold.  In this case, an existing orchestration checks for customers put on credit hold. The user can define which customers they want to monitor, by inputting the customer number. Once a week, it will send a notification to the appropriate user that a customer has been put on credit hold. The notification will include a shortcut to the Customer Service Inquiry application.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Notification Guide

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