Wholesale Distribution: What’s New in NetSuite 2021.2

    In this post, we'll highlight some of the major enhancements in NetSuite 2021.2 for Wholesale Distribution. Customer availability for NetSuite 2021.2 will be on a rolling basis between July through October 2021. Please check your Netsuite dashboard and the release portal to learn about your upgrade date, preview new features, and more.

    Now, let’s explore these enhancements in more detail.

    Inventory Management

    Quick Ship Pallets

    Using a handheld device, users can now quick ship pallets. Creating greater efficiency, a pallet can be held and packed with different orders going to the same location.

    Generate Automatic Lot Numbers

    In NetSuite 2021.2, users can generate lot numbers automatically once the lot format is established for the item. Users can also create custom lot fields for inventory where they can track additional details.


    Supply Chain

    Inventory Allocation to Sales Orders

    In NetSuite 2021.2, users now have the ability to map as well as prioritize inventory allocation to sales orders, using revenue or gross profit. They can also more accurately promise items with a new feature that provides the earliest date an item will be in stock as well as available at a location. The earliest available date feature takes into consideration lead times, allocation strategies, and sales channel allocations/reservations. Also, users have better insight into how changes impact allocations on other transactions when reallocating orders.

    Supply Chain Workbench Flexibility

    In the Supply Planning Workbench, planning results can be displayed daily, weekly, or monthly allowing planners to flexibly shift strategies. They can also exclude recommendations that were previously rejected to reduce confusion in forecasting and determine how far to look back in the planning engine for past due forecasts.

    Certificate of Analysis on Shipments

    In the new release, the system can automatically generate an item’s certificate of analysis using configurable templates based on customer needs for quality and compliance. They can print certificates and attach them to shipment, as well as store an electronic copy.


    Unified Customer Experience

    Simplified SuiteCommerce Ecommerce Setup

    In this feature in the new release, a SuiteCommerce e-commerce site can be quickly setup, with a single click of the mouse. The setup runs in the background and the admin is notified when the setup is complete.

    New Integrations in NetSuite Connector

    Netsuite Connector now has integrations to 3PLs marketplaces, POS systems, and e-commerce platforms.


    Financials and Automations

    SuiteCommerce ACH Payments

    Companies can now allow customers to pay invoices using ACH electronic payments using SuiteCommerce, streamlining the payment process.

    Emailed Invoices: Link to Payment Portal

    A new feature in this release provides a link to the online payment portal on invoices emailed to customers. Invoices can then be paid via a credit or debit card, with the system automatically recording as paid (full or partial).

    Consolidating Purchase Requisition Across Subsidiaries

    In Netsuite 2021.2, purchase requisitions can be consolidated across subsidiaries. This feature also allows for items to be received at the appropriate subsidiary. Netsuite will then automatically cross charge receipt and payment processes across entities, balancing ledger and intercompany accounts.

    COGs or Asset Account on future Transactions

    In this new feature, changes to COGs or Asset account can be set up to only be reflected on future transactions using a new preference setting in 2021.2.


    Netsuite Podcast on 2021.2

    Check out the following Netsuite podcast on the latest release and dive into move details. 

    In future blog posts, we will cover the new features in 2021.2 for Manufacturing, Wholesale, Professional Services, Software, Nonprofit and more. Also, please check out our SaaS Managed Services Guide blog post. For more details on NetSuite 2021.2 for Wholesale Distribution, please visit Netsuite Sneak Peek.

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