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    Large IT Consultancy Puts Phishing Schemes to the Ultimate Test

    Challenges the Client Faced

    Prior to rolling out its phish-testing platform, the firm was dealing with growing concerns over potential phishing attacks and the fact that its external auditors and insurance providers would likely want to review its phish testing efforts at some point. Other key concerns included the organization’s vulnerability to malware and other types of ransomware attacks. Aware that its employees are the first line of defense against these and other threats, the company went in search of a solution that could help it (and, subsequently, its customers) thwart these cyberattacks. “We wanted to be able to show that we were mitigating the potential risks,” said a company spokesperson,” and that we were doing everything we could to protect ourselves from email scams,
    ransomware, and other related threats.”

    GSI's Solution

    Because it’s a consulting firm, the company also wanted to continue doing a good job of protecting its clients’ systems and data. Should a virus infiltrate its system and install malware on a client’s server, for example, then the large business consulting firm could be culpable for the breach and liable for damages.
    “By ensuring our ability to provide our own clean bill of health,” the spokesperson said, “we’re also ensuring the safety of our clients’ systems.” After looking at the various options on the market, the firm selected the best-of-breed platform KnowBe4 for its reputation and versatility. Along with implementing the platform within its own organization, the company was also able to customize it and begin offering phish testing as-a-platform to its own customers. “KnowBe4 also has an extensive training curriculum that goes with it,” the spokesperson said. “We have videos for users, training PowerPoints, and quick
    updates throughout the year for regressive testing to refresh their testing and skills.” Also included in the phish-testing toolset are both custom and generic templates that the consulting firm is using to cater to its own customers. KnowBe4 also factors current events (like the recent GoDaddy breach) into its training approach. If there’s been a phishing attack somewhere in the world, for example, KnowBe4 distributes copies of the phishing emails so that users can then simulate those scenarios within their organizations.

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