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Genius AI Advanced Monitoring Systems

GENIUS AI is a service platform for aggregating information from any application in your ecosystem. As an Application Intelligence Platform (“AIP”), GENIUS AI can pull data from any of your application data sources and provide modern, interactive dashboards and insights within its secure portal. Using machine learning and intelligent insights, GENIUS AI provides Augmented Intelligence to empower you with a deeper and broader view of your systems. You can see everything going on in your various software packages, and make informed, proactive decisions to improve performance and user experience. GENIUS AI is also a core component of our AppCare JD Edwards Managed Services offering.

GENIUS AI is an extensible platform designed to quickly incorporate new application monitors to bring a full-spectrum view of your application footprint. The GSI product developers are continually adding new monitors based on the requests of our clients.

Would you like to be able to focus on growing your business instead of babysitting your business system? Do you want to be able to identify a system anomaly before it becomes a major problem? Are you interested in running on a highly-optimized system all the time instead of some of the time?

If you answered, “yes”, to any of these questions, consider what GENIUS AI can do for you! JDE Administrators face a series of common technical challenges affecting the performance and availability of JD Edwards, yet there are no simple solutions. If you’re involved in CNC, you already know that Server Manager can only take you so far, so what are your other options?

 GSI’s GENIUS AI toolset addresses the most challenging system performance issues for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and other enterprise applications, enabling users to realize optimal performance.

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Your business can’t afford the downtime of your business systems, because you need technology that you can trust to manage warranties, track your labor force, and support your customer service efforts. Chances are that your IT team is overwhelmed with debugging, patching, and maintaining your systems even with limited resources.

Our Genius AI system is part of the ongoing value of your business. In addition to this feature, your business can also enjoy the latest enhancements of your systems with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne continuous delivery model.

Increasingly complex system and business needs mean that you need more than just great server management to remain competitive and efficient. Your team can achieve maximum production with a deeper and broader view of your system operations. Our Genius AI gives your company everything you need to focus on your business by helping your managers anticipate problems that can impact performance before they occur.