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What is a Business Value Assessment?

The GSI Business Value Assessment (BVA) service helps C-level and IT executives conduct a strategic review of their business needs to ensure their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World software is being fully utilized and not hindering their growth. The Business Value Assessment service is based on GSI’s 400+ years of JD Edwards experience including numerous implementations, upgrades, migrations as well as ongoing managed services for organizations of all sizes and across numerous industry segments. It entails an initial consultation that analyzes a company’s current business situation; market, geographic, online and mobile growth plans; and a comprehensive review of their current software infrastructure and IT road map.

The GSI team then conducts a business analysis review, matching up the company’s business needs with capabilities and actual usage of their current software. Finally, GSI delivers a customized assessment that matches business growth and opportunity costs against the economics of their current software, the cost of a potential upgrade and/or the wisdom of complementing their system with a third-party software solution.

Companies that Should Consider a BVA

  • Looking for assistance with 3-5 year roadmap
  • Currently having issues in any functional area
  • Is consolidating systems – regionally or globally
  • Has expressed concerns about getting full value from their JDE investment

Types of BVA’s

3-5 Year Roadmap

  • Detail business objectives
  • Review current applications footprint
  • Interview key business / IT leaders
  • Discuss technology options
  • Define 3 – 5 year roadmap

System Review

  • Detail business objectives
  • Review current open issues list
  • Interview functional users / SME
  • Discuss solution options
  • Define Issues and Recommendations

What Are the Benefits?

3-5 Year Roadmap

  • Determine current utilization of purchased JDE applications
  • List additional areas of benefit that can be gained from other JDE applications
  • Discuss “bolt on” applications to fill gaps in JDE core functionality
  • Create 3 – 5 year roadmap to desired application footprint

System Review

  • Determine resolution options for current issues
  • List additional issues / areas for improvement with their possible resolution
  • Create a proposal and timeline to implement suggested resolutions

What Is the Process and Duration?