VIDEO CASE STUDY: Behind A Breach - 3 Ransomware Attacks Deconstructed


    It's not news that ransomware is a deadly threat to businesses of all sizes. But other than the occasional report of a multibillion dollar breach at Solarwinds or Target, what can we learn from these incursions so our companies don't become the next victim?

    Companies that use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems should be acutely aware of how their network is protected. After all, cyber criminals have created specific ransomware campaigns that seek out your company's most crucial information: Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system!

    In this groundbreaking 3-part Video Case Study, John Bassett, GSI CISO and CTO, offers an unprecedented post-mortem analysis of real-world ransomware attacks. What was attacked? How did they respond? What kind of damage was done? How can we avoid the same fate? These are some crucial questions John answers in this 3-part series.  

    Introduction from John Bassett


    The only way to be 100% sure that your system is safe is to turn it off.   However, you then have 0% functionality.  The minute you turn your systems on, you are no longer 100% safe.

    In each of the following cases GSI was hired AFTER the Ransomware attack occurred.

    Ransomware Case Study #1


    • Small construction company
      Running Exchange Server, QuickBooks & Office
    • Two support companies
    • Monitoring in place, except for outbound
    • End Point Protection in place
    • Five workstations and two servers
    • Air-gapped backups in place

    Ransomware Case Study #2


    • Utility Company Running JD Edwards ERP
    • Hundreds of users
    • 50+ on-premise servers
    • Oracle Database with DataGuard
    • Both Windows/Linux/ODA
    • DR Backups in place, both at the file level and database level
    • Endpoint protection in place

    Ransomware Case Study #3


    • Data Center Company
    • Multiple Companies Hosted
    • Running CISCO/UCS & VMWare
      Commvault/Veeam Backup Solutions
    • Offsite backups at Iron Mountain
    • Multiple Locations
    • Using Zerto for DR Replication

    Through in-depth analysis and expert insights, John uncovers the intricate mechanics of ERP-targeted ransomware, the critical vulnerabilities exploited, and the sophisticated techniques employed by attackers. He also illuminates the oft-hidden narratives behind these chilling breaches—identifying the culprits, dissecting their methods, and critically examining the responses of the companies under attack.

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