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Rising Up to the Challenge of the Hybrid Workforce with ServiceNow

The hybrid employment model has transformed the work experience as we know it: A full 30% of employees now work remotely or in a hybrid environment.

For many companies striving to make the hybrid shift, ensuring a smooth, comfortable employee experience without sacrificing productivity is a high priority. With ServiceNow, you can streamline your transition to a hybrid model that both enhances employee satisfaction and workflow efficiency.

Read on to learn how ServiceNow can empower this new work dynamic and how GSI, a ServiceNow managed services partner, can help.Rising Up to the Challenge of the Hybrid Workforce with ServiceNow

24/7 Access

ServiceNow enables employees, managers, and HR personnel 24/7 access to the platform and all of its features, as well as important company resources and automations. In this way, an employee doesn’t have to wait until they go into the office to be productive—no matter where they are or what time it is, they can get things done.

For example, suppose an employee needs to reach out to HR for an employment verification letter, but it’s 10:00 p.m. on a Sunday night. With ServiceNow's automated chat feature, the employee simply asks the chatbot for the verification letter, which is then provided right away.

Multi-Departmental Employee Portal

The ServiceNow Employee Center provides employees access to the most important resources, regardless of which department they’re in—and in a way that’s convenient for both workers and HR. Serving the needs of multiple departments can be a challenge for an HR department, especially if they have limited staff, but ServiceNow functions as a digital bridge between departments.

For instance, if the legal department is dealing with an employee issue and they need details from HR, ServiceNow provides the necessary connections, even if the teams are spread across the country or the world. Legal and HR can have their own customized portal, share documents, updates, and other vital resources. They can also bring other necessary departments into the collaboration, effectively breaking down the barriers created by silos.

Unified Service for Seamless Employee Support

In a hybrid work environment, it’s easy for employees to feel isolated and without the support they need to do their jobs. But with ServiceNow, they have a convenient point of connection that enables relevant departments to ensure employee needs are addressed in real-time—as if they were right in the office.

Suppose an employee needs support from IT because their VoIP phone hasn’t been working quite right. Instead of waiting until they go into the office, they can simply connect with the IT department through ServiceNow. IT staff can then talk them through the problem, as well as send videos and step-by-step guides to assist. In addition, on the IT side, they have an interactive ticket system that enables them to stay on top of the issue, verify when it’s been resolved, and document how it was handled.

Guided, Personalized Employee Journeys

Hybrid employees need to have seamless control over their work experience to maximize efficiency, and ServiceNow’s tools make this straightforward. Each employee has a bevy of user-friendly options for accessing a variety of services.

To streamline the employee experience, ServiceNow makes use of microsites, which work like personalized websites, that are integrated with the necessary departments and the rest of the organization. For example, an employee organizing a business trip will need to iron out where to stay. They can simply access their microsite, which has an integrated room-booking system, and take care of the arrangements, without having to call several people, departments, hotels, or decision-makers.

Customizable Workflows

ServiceNow is a dynamic solution that you can customize to enhance efficiency on a departmental and individual level. Instead of forcing employees to make do with pre-existing layouts, ServiceNow is flexible and adjustable, bending to the will of the user. This is particularly helpful for hybrid workers who need to get the most out of their work time as possible, especially because they can set up ServiceNow to surface the information they need to do their jobs.

For example, suppose the workflow of an organization’s Director of Shared Services needs to involve examining how efficiently the IT department handles job tickets. Instead of toggling between multiple screens, the Director can organize the metrics they need on a single dashboard. In this way, they can see, at a glance, real-time data about the cost of services, the case backlog, employee satisfaction, the number of cases submitted that day, and more.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

In addition to providing a full portfolio of digital tools, ServiceNow makes it possible to track, report, and analyze all the data associated with each function. This gives administrators, executives, and employees access to the analytics they need to improve their processes and meet individual or company-wide objectives.

The robust analytics and reporting features ServiceNow offers are especially helpful for organizations adopting a hybrid work environment. For example, if HR wants to gauge how well remote employees are being served, they can track a number of relevant metrics to understand:

    • How quickly employee requests are being fulfilled
    • Which people or departments had trouble serving remote workers
    • How the productivity of hybrid employees is impacted by the quality of the service they get

Thrive and Win in a Hybrid Workforce Environment with GSI

ServiceNow for the hybrid workplace is easier to implement with GSI’s ServiceNow experts. Armed with the knowledge and experience of trusted ServiceNow consultants, you can implement ServiceNow quickly, choosing the services that will best help you meet the unique needs of your organization. Connect with us today to learn how.