ServiceNow Announces Exciting Changes in Quebec Release

What's New in ServiceNow Quebec Release

Scott Parrish, Senior ITSM Consultant

ServiceNow’s latest release, Quebec, was recently made available to early adopters in late January with the general availability release date set for sometime in late Q1 2021. The latest version of ServiceNow offers some significant enhancements and new functionality that will further set ServiceNow apart from its competitors. ServiceNow provides upgrade path details for upgrading from Paris, Orlando or New York editions of the Now platform.

ServiceNow New UI Builder 

Among the more promising additions to the Now platform is the new UI Builder in ServiceNow Quebec, designed to enable developers to customize the Now Experience by designing configurable workspaces and service portals. The UI Builder also supports domain-separated environments, a key feature for multi-service providers.

The UI Builder landing page makes it easy to dive into creating service portal pages while providing a “learn as you go” experience with helpful tips for getting started through creating custom components.

The new UI Builder allows developers to create variants, or views, of the same portal page. For instance the same portal page may be used to provide high-level information regarding a process to end-users, but much more detailed information for managers.

Custom Style Sheets and themes can be used to significantly improve the visual style and layout of new custom portal pages created using the new UI Builder.

ServiceNow Quebec: Natural Language Filter

ServiceNow Quebec has enhanced the user experience by providing a new “Natural Language Filter” that enables end users to more easily filter lists throughout the system. For instance, rather than utilizing the “query builder” to search for incidents, users the natural language filter will allow users to more quickly create their filters.

The following screenshot shows the typical way of building a filter by selecting fields and providing filter criteria to search for specific incidents.

ServiceNow Natural Language Filter

However, the new natural language functionality will build the search for you. In the following example, we want to search for incidents opened after June 2020:

ServiceNow Quebec

After pressing the “Ask” button, the system will build the query and execute the search:

ServiceNow Quebec Release

Clicking the “Tips for Improving your queries launches the screen below:

ServiceNow Quebec Release

Other New Features Offered in Quebec

  • Platform encryption: Customize and manage server-side encryption at the field level to increase platform security with better access control.
  • Performance Analytics enhancements: Flexibility to improve and configure dashboards with calendar support.
  • Reporting enhancements: Tailor reporting with multiple formatting options that includes calculations and robust dynamic design.
  • Machine learning for Service Mapping: Simplify service mapping with embedded machine learning that reduces the time needed for service mapping from days to hours.

The full list of enhancements included in the Quebec release can be found here. If you need any help with ServiceNow, please visit GSI's ServiceNow Consulting Services.