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    Turnkey Solution to Transition Employees Back to a Safer Workplace

    Turnkey Solution to Transition Employees Back to a Safer Workplace

    Ketan Shah, Senior Solution Consultant

    Across industries, around the world, companies are looking for ways to be able to do more with less, to manage increased workloads, to establish immediate savings, and to deal with shifts in employment needs. To help ease the transition in returning to work and ensure a safe working environment, ServiceNow has a suite of Safe Workplace applications.

    GSI provides a turnkey solution with the Workplace applications to shift from “working from home” to a return to the workplace in a safe manner, both to your employees and customers.  GSI will configure the Workplace suite of applications to assess both your workforce and workplace readiness that will help you prepare for employees to return to the workplace with our ServiceNow Services.

    The applications have been installed by hundreds of organizations and over 10,000+ times in all industries, including public and private.  Organizations that are using the applications include Uber, Coca Cola, European Partners, State of North Carolina, BankUnited, AmeriGas, and many more companies shown in the image below.

    ServiceNow Services

    Safe Workplace Customers

    ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite Overview

    Employees and management can use these ServiceNow apps to report status and manage tasks to provide a safer work environment when returning to the workplace.

    ServiceNow Emergency Response Management applications:

    • Emergency Response Operations
    • Emergency Outreach
    • Emergency Self Report
    • Emergency Exposure Management

    ServiceNow Safe Workplace applications:

    • Employee Readiness Surveys
    • Employee Health Screening
    • Workplace Safety Management
    • Workplace PPE Inventory Management
    • Contact Tracing

    Employee Readiness Surveys application will enable you to send emphatic communications and gauge the willingness of your employees to return to the workplace. HR can connect and engage with employees to gain insight into their personal readiness, uncover availability and return timeframes, see employee interest level in returning to work, and reveal concerns such as personal health, family obligations, and anxiety about workplace safety. Based on responses, your organization can measure and determine the steps needed to ensure employees feel safe and secure upon their return.

    ServiceNow Apps

    Employee Readiness Surveys

    Workplace Safety Management provides the ability to track cleaning schedules, socially distancing, work schedules, and workspace assignments. It is also integrated with Uber for Business so employees can safely commute to work as offices reopen.  The integration builds upon is based on real-time feedback from customers as they continue to return to workplace, including an integration with Juniper Mist to enhance contact tracing via AI-driven Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

    You can assign employee shifts to available workspaces for a defined time period or enable a self-service workspace reservation from a visual floor map. Reports and dashboards provide a view of reservation thresholds across sites, buildings, and floors with a full audit trail history.

    Workplace Safety Management

    With the ServiceNow Employee Health Screening application, you can facilitate employee screening for elevated temperature as a control to prevent spreading infections. Employees are screened by either mobile self-service or health screeners, and the results are automatically recorded, with an optional QR code created for entry scanning. Depending on the results, individuals can be admitted or denied entrance.  Reports can provide details on the return of employees into their facilities over time.

    Additionally, the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) application helps to manage and monitor the physical safety of your workforce. In a single snapshot, it provides a comprehensive view of inventory by each facility, an aggregate score of the entire workplace, and historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time. Current inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate and real-time inventory management.

    Workplace PPE Inventory Management and Employee Health Screening

    The Contact Tracing application provides a rapid identification and response process to manage and reduce the spread of COVID-19. The solution uses data available the suite of applications like meeting participants, badge scans, on-location Wi-Fi access points, and other sources to identify employees that may have been exposed to an infected person while onsite. Contact tracers can be immediately tasked through Case Management to reach out to all potentially impacted employees to gather health information and help reduce exposure to others.

    The ServiceNow Safe Workplace Dashboard provides data visualization for all the Safe Workplace applications. Overlaid with a map and publicly available infection data, it gives you the ability to geographically see the density of infection rates and allows you to drill down into specific locations. Workplace sites are marked to indicate ability to open or remain open.

    Safe Workplace Dashboard

    If you are interested in ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps or would like additional information, please contact Jean.Landmesser@getgsi.com