JD Edwards: iSeries Excel Spreadsheet Upload

    Uploading an Excel Spreadsheet to iSeries

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    If you have a need to upload an excel spreadsheet as a data file on the iSeries here are the instructions on how to do that. Once uploaded this will look like a JDE File on the iSeries and can be used to join to other files in JDE with just a few tweaks. This must be done in two steps. The first steps create the actual file on the iSeries and the second step uploads the data into that file.

    First start with a spreadsheet of data you would like to upload

    Next change the Header Row to JDE Data Dictionary Names like below

    Then start an IBM I Access Client Solutions session

    Click on Data Transfer

    Click on Actions then Create IBM I Database File

    Click Next

    Then click on Browse to find your file

    Click Next

    Click Next

    Click Next

    Click Next

    Click on Specify a starting position (if different than sheet 1 then change it to whatever sheet it is), then type in your starting Column and Row. Next, click on Specify an ending position and type in your end Column and end Row. Then click next

    Next, click on First row of data contains filed names. This will let iAccess know that the top row is the column headings. Click Start Scan

    If scan was successful it will turn green. Click Next

    Based on the scan it will determine what type of field each column is and what the length of each field is as well.

    Click Next

    Type in the IP Address of where you want this data to go. Click Next

    Next type in a valid library name (I always create a library with my name or credentials on the iSeries for this. Then type /and name the file something that you will remember (Note cannot exceed 10 characters).

    Click Next

    Then give the file a brief description. Click Next

    Click Next

    Click Next

    Then type in your User ID and Password for the iSeries and click OK

    It will take a few seconds depending on how many rows are on your spreadsheet, but the next screen should appear.

    Click Finish. You have now created the actual data file without data on the iSeries.

    You will be brought back to the next screen

    Next click on the To IBM – 1 Tab

    Under File and Name click on Browse to find your file again

    Then type in the IP Address again and the library/file that you created. Then click Start Transfer

    Log on again using your User ID and Password

    Click OK

    Once the transfer of data is complete a dialog box will appear that says the transfer is complete and how many rows of data were transferred. Click OK. You can now log on to iSeries and see your data file with all its data that was uploaded.

    You can now use this file in reports or join to other JDE Data Files that have and least one matching column and do other reports, find data use as an update file for SQL Updates etc.

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