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Build a Team for ServiceNow Implementation

Build a ServiceNow Implementation Team

Ketan Shah, Solution ConstultantServiceNow implementation

The overall success of your ServiceNow implementation will depend upon the skills and knowledge that each member of your implementation team brings to the project. And, the skills and knowledge of each team member will depend heavily upon the training each receives.

The initial stand-up of the ServiceNow product is only the beginning of your implementation. Once users and managers within your organization gain an understanding of the product and its capabilities, you are likely to be hit with a deluge of enhancement requests. You will have to fulfill these enhancement requests while continuing to respond to requests for administrative changes. Keeping up with the myriad of demands will likely require a team of ServiceNow administrators, integrators and developers.

During the implementation, it is best practice to have your staff shadow the ServiceNow implementation partner’s development team to become familiar with their approach and implementation techniques.

Continuous learning and career development for your team members are critical factors in realizing the true value of your ServiceNow investment. Effective training will provide the expertise to maintain and sustain your ServiceNow instance. In addition, the more knowledgeable and capable your team becomes, the more you can drive adoption of the product into other areas of the organization.

Turnover in your core team is inevitable. Bringing new team members up to speed with not only policies and procedures within the organization, but also the nuances of your particular ServiceNow implementation can be time consuming. From our project experience, we recommend that the training developed during UAT and prior to Go Live be maintained in your Learning Management System (LMS) with exercise and documentation.

With more than 11 product suites and hundreds of applications, ServiceNow is an enterprise system that requires effort and dedication to learn. Having training materials that are easily accessible, well-written and simple to understand will flatten the learning curve for everyone.

The training developed for the project can include video or screen captures, labs, links to specific process documents and other collateral created during the implementation.  ServiceNow has two major releases during a year, so duplicating and maintaining product documentation is not a good idea. It is best to link to the ServiceNow documentation site so that users can reference new and current information with each release.

Just as your organization has unique products and services, providing training that is specific to your processes and adoption of ServiceNow can boost user productivity and help drive demand for other areas of the organization to be brought onto the platform. Beyond IT, the ServiceNow suite of products can expand and support other departments such as HR, Legal, Finance, Procurement, and Facilities.

Your ServiceNow implementation project is much more than a technology-driven process. To ensure adoption across the enterprise and to maximize the organization’s return on investment, you need to provide the best possible training for your staff as well as end users to put the full capabilities of ServiceNow to work.To find out more about GSI's ServiceNow Services, please visit the links below.