Intranet Portals: Providing Outstanding Service With ServiceNow

Intranet Portals: Providing Outstanding Service With ServiceNow

Ketan Shah, Senior Solution Consultant

GSI has supported many customers to leverage ServiceNow’s portals for their intranet to provide a unified user experience to their employees and customers.  The intranet combines ServiceNow’s portals that are branded with the colors, logo, and design to provide a look & feel that is aligned to the organization’s culture, products, and services.  Users can leverage the Intranet Portal for everything they would need that is core to ServiceNow like accessing information and services related to IT, facilities, legal, finance, HR, and much more. Providing a unified experience with ServiceNow-based intranet can increase productivity and CSAT rating.  It can also improve customer’s ability to deliver a ‘white-glove’ service to their users.

The user experience is extended beyond the web browser to a mobile device that is also branded and aligned consistent with the intranet access through a PC.  The intranet running on ServiceNow can access ERP applications, HCM systems, and integrate with an endless number of applications. This provides users a seamless experience to interact with all divisions of customer’s organization.

To replace the existing intranet with ServiceNow you will need to provide a global search that indexes all information for various systems and ServiceNow.  The results of the search can be combined and presented by leveraging plug-ins, APIs, and machine learning available in ServiceNow to provide meaningful results promptly.  Customers can also leverage Google, Elastic, Solr, Azure to search and index content in ServiceNow.  Users will get the same results back from a search initiated either from an intranet or in ServiceNow.

Navigation from the intranet to ServiceNow can also be shared through portal consolidation to again align and unify user experience. Let GSI help you with the design and styling of your intranet portals and leverage the most of your ServiceNow implementation.

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