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Wildcards in JD Edwards DMAAI’s: Use, Don’t Abuse!

Wildcards in JD Edwards DMAAI’s: Use, Don’t Abuse!

Edward Gutkowski, Chief Architect – RapidReconciler

I am often asked how best to use wildcards (aka company ‘00000’ and GL class ****) in JDE when configuring distribution/manufacturing automatic accounting instructions (DMAAI’s). First, we must consider the purpose of these values and how they are used by the system. DMAAI’s are used to map journal entries to the general ledger for ANY inventory transaction performed. A business unit, object account and subsidiary account are entered for each combination of company number, document or order type, and GL class code.  The inventory programs use this information to determine the proper entries to make for the financial statements. 

Notice company 00000 and GL class ****. What exactly do those entries do? They are blanket entries that eliminate the need to enter many individual rows, but beware, they may also cover up accounting mistakes by preventing errors during transactions!

Company Doc Type GL Class B/U Object Sub
00000 IA **** 1 1411 FG
00001 IA RM01 1 1411 RM
00001 IA FG01 1 1411 FG

Let’s say we are doing an inventory adjustment (IA) in JD Edwards for a raw material with a GL class of RM02. Where will the debit go? If the DMAAI’s are configured as in the table above, the debit will go to the finished goods account 1.1411.FG! Obviously, this is not what we wanted but there will be no error message. Why, because the wildcard entry in row 1 means that if there is no explicit entry for RM02 just use that one.

What is the lesson? Limit the use of wildcard DMAAI entries in Enterpriseone to those transactions that require clearing accounts, such as the ST/OT process, direct shipments, work in process etc. Make detailed entries for perpetual accounts to prevent reconciling issues at period end. For more in depth information on JD Edwards DMAAI’s, please attend one of our monthly free webinars.

Happy reconciling!

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