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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UX One Overview

UX One 1

What are the benefits of upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2? With JD Edwards  EnterpriseOne UX One, users can now be more effective and efficient in performing their day to day responsibilities in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.  Using the Alert-Analyze-Act design paradigm, users can now personalize and configure their own JD Edwards EnterpriseOne landing pages, layouts, forms, etc. using a host of Citizen Developer Tools and User Defined Objects (UDO’s).  There are also 52-role based solutions provided across the JD Edwards product line, which Citizen Developers can use out of the box or customize.

Citizen Developer Tools:



As part of the alert design paradigm using watchlists alerts in JD Edwards, users can be immediately alerted when issues reach certain user defined thresholds. These watchlists alerts are located on the left side of the landing page. The user can select the alert, which will drill down into more detail in the associated EnterpriseOne application.


At the center of the layout, UX One allows you to provide the personalized analytics that are essential to your business processes. These data visualizations can be displayed as charts, graphs, etc.


As the final step in the design paradigm, the act panel is located on the far right of the screen using Springboards, which are a collection of tasks that are available for a role. These tasks can include EnterpriseOne applications, batch programs, ADF applications or One View Reports.

Role-Based Solutions

In order to further simplify the process for the Citizen Developer, Oracle has created 52-role based solutions across the JD Edwards portfolio. Citizen Developers can use these solutions out of the box or customize to meet their specific needs.

UX One out-of-the-box components delivered include (numbers provided by Oracle):

  • Over 133 Composite Pages
  • Over 340 E1 Pages
  • Over 650 Queries
  • Over 333 Watch Lists
  • Over 94 CafeOne
  • Over 147 Grid Formats